Testimonial for Realtor® Brian Reid- Barbara Finn

Since you are considering hiring Brian Reid, let me do something I rarely do, and recommend this fantastic agent wholeheartedly. My name is Barbara F, I am a sales executive for Xerox Corporation working and living in Manhattan. I have used the good agents of Corcoran Group for my last two apartments. This past year, I chose Citi-Habitats, an outfit recently purchased by The Corcoran Group, after my coworker recommended Brian Reid.

Brian was excellent. I was mostly impressed by his ability to listen to my requirements upfront and be well prepared for our appointments. As such, my time was never wasted because each search route was designed with my schedule and leasing criteria in mind. Brian’s proactive approach enabled me to make a quick decision with a clear head.

My new apartment is exactly what I wanted, a great lease on the Upper East Side and within my budget. I highly refer him and Citi-Habitats/The Corcoran Group to anyone looking to lease or buy in Manhattan. Feel free to email or call me if you need additional information.

— Barbara Finn