Testimonial for Realtor® Brian Reid- Mark Greetham

Whilst on holiday last August 2010, we visited some friends who live on Harmony. Unfortunately they were not at home so we decided to take a look at the houses on Harmony as it had always been a dream of ours to own a house in Florida. We were really taken with the houses on Harmony and noticed that it had a Sales Office where we met your good self.

We explained that we were not in a position to purchase a property at this time but were merely interested to see what sort of properties were available at what prices. You spent some time with us showing us the model of Harmony and explaining the community of Harmony and properties for sale.

When we asked you if we could view any properties that were vacant, as we did not want to disturb homeowners, you did not hesitate to show us two or three homes, even though you knew we were not ready to purchase yet.

After chatting with you and viewing the properties, we came away with the feeling that we really wanted our second home to be on Harmony.

Upon returning home to England, at our request, you constantly emailed us with properties that had become available and eventually the right house, at the right price, at the right time became available.

After nearly 200 emails day and night between us in the England and yourself, (bearing in mind the 5 hour time difference), we completed on the above property on Friday 11 March 2011. Without a doubt, this is the biggest item we have ever purchased over the internet!

There were many ups and downs and the road being somewhat rocky and although we speak the same language, sometimes it did not seem like it. But you were always there at the end of an email to answer any queries we had seven days a week (for this we apologise).

Many thanks Brian for all your help as we could not have done this without you. In August 2010 we met you as a Sales Associate of Harmony but now in March 2011, we count you as a friend.

We are coming out to Harmony very shortly and will certainly drop by your office to say hello and thank you again.

See you soon my friend.

— Lynne and Mark Greetham