Testimonial for Realtor® Brian Reid- Ron Goldberg

My wife and I and my Son and his family moved to Harmony Florida in 2008 – 2009. A year later Harmony Realty – a division of Starwood Capital – hired Brian. We welcomed him to our small community and he immediately fit right in.

A home right next door to us was one of his first sales. He represented the buyer and the buyer has become close friends to us as well as to Brian. They used Brian’s services again when they moved to a larger home in Harmony a few years later.

By the time Harmony Realty closed down when we spoke to friends and neighbors about Brian they often called him the Unofficial Mayor of Harmony. That is how excellent his reputation and his services were. The residents were more upset about Brian leaving us than Harmony Realty closing up and moving on.

Even though Brian moved away many residents in Harmony still call him and ask him to represent them in both buying and selling their homes. He made a lasting impression on every one he has been associated with.

His professionalism and his courtesy and his honesty sets him apart from and above the many realtors we have met over our 50 years of marriage and 16 house purchases.

Even though we have moved out of Harmony we recommend Brian without the slightest hesitation as would scores of my former neighbors and friends.

— Susan and Ron Goldberg