Why Choose Brian Reid as Your Realtor®

We asked this question over four years ago when our family relocated to Orlando Florida due to an employer transfer. Only knowing about Orlando from past vacation adventures we were challenged with the task of searching for the best neighborhoods.

After exhaustive searches with our “assigned” Realtor, we retrieved a new development’s brochure from an employer’s new-comers rack. That’s how our story began. We were first introduced to Brian when we visited the development sales office. And each time thereafter we would always request Brian’s schedule and availability. Brian has a personal charm and wit that expresses a ‘service to customer’ persona that is a rarity in what we were searching for. We trusted this character trait in our past 5 real estate transactions. We knew we found our Realtor.

The selection of our home was easy and Brian didn’t once steer us away from our decision. In fact, he exposed us to additional amenities that proved in our recent selling of our home, an increase in the home’s value and dependability. Thank you Brian for that knowledgeable help!

Brian became part of our family and much closer as a friend as the age of social media flourished and as we watched our neighborhood development blossom into reality. With the birth our daughter, Brian always made sure he was there if we were not comfortable in any way with our new home. That speaks volumes of service after the sale. We knew we found more than a Realtor.

As time would have it, Brian was presented with a new world of success in selecting another agency to work for. But Brian being Brian, he made sure his expertise and his social capital of contacts were there for us. After all, birthdays, holidays, baking, and town events were the norm in our “family” neighborhood. Now that “our” lives presented our family with another new world of success, we decided to list our home and there was never any doubt who that Realtor would be.

We can’t say enough about how Brian would use his time-proven talents in helping us present, introduce, and make available the showing of our home. He helped us make sure that our home retained all of the characteristics of a newly-built home. Brian would also emphasize to potential buyers what improvements we made to the home. He also provided us timely feedback of potential buyers.

Brian even broke our record of selling this home from a signed contract to closing in less than a month! We also enjoy the simple fact that the new proud owners are listed in our personal contacts regarding “how to” questions about the home. After all, a home becomes a personal reflection of its caretakers.

To say or write “Thank you” Brian is never enough so we will always keep you updated in our new adventures as we hope you will continue to do the same with us.

— Kimberly and Floyd Matherne